We believe in the value that our workforce bring to bear on continuous improvement service requests of our clients. This is why we tag our value system KAIZEN – being the acronym for:

Knowledge: we know what we do and do what we know always – penchant of our teams for continuous learning places them ahead of peers within their industries.

Accountability: we manage stakeholder requirements succinctly – with solid adherence for assured delivery of scoped deliverables

Innovation: we believe that change is the only constant activity of any progressive enterprise – this value we seek to entrench across domains of service

Zeal: we are passionate about our solutions – delivering them to scope time and cost

Enhanced Collaboration: our belief in the capabilities of subject matter experts within clients’ domains emboldens our seamless approach to finding root-causes of issues at hand – elucidating available / cost-effective solutions while giving credits on successes / ownership to domain experts within the clients’ operations or project teams.

Nobility: we deliver solutions with humility, knowing the capabilities of team members to synthesize new approaches that deliver optimized systems – paving the way for continuous improvement of client’s firm.

Generally, Kaizen is taken from the two Japanese words, Kai (Change) and Zen (Good), but is most often expressed as ‘Continuous improvement’.

However the following are what our clients should expect while deploying solutions via our Kaizen approach, for their continuous improvement needs:

  • Deep dive – we begin with benchmarking clients’ business and following that with the ‘5 Why’s’ approach. These culminates in clearer As Is situations – thereby enabling improvement of their processes to the To Be states.
  • Full-team engagement – our teams believe that business improvement is everyone’s responsibility. We work seamlessly with clients’ team, often taking responsibility for key aspects of the deliverable.
  • Client first approach – eventually, all that we do comes down to customer satisfaction. Since we love automation, we always ensure that such is not introduced at the expense of our client.
  • Planning – we use the Knoster model (i.e. a tool for Managing Complex Change is a useful framework to thinking about change management) to ensure that change works and sticks.

  • Execution – after identifying what do, we like to start with a sprint to get quick wins fast and this we get our hands dirty doing.
  • Continuous improvement – progressive improvement is what our teams seek to deliver. This is the fulcrum to incremental growth of firm in perpetuity.

Why Clients Seek Us for their Kaizen Needs?

The era of protectionism has ended across the world.

Recent global development has seen the concatenation of 54 African countries forming trade bloc through the AfCFTA initiatives while their ASEAN counterpart formed theirs since 1992 (with progressive expansion) – power has now shifted into the customer’s hands, paving way for stiff bargain on high quality goods. This herculean demand can only happen where the operators engage in continuous tweaks of their business elements for efficient production and effective delivery of quality products / services. The following highlights reasons why clients choose Business Transformation Professional Advisory Support Solutions team:

Our Understanding of their Markets: we have specialists / domain experts for every industry that we offer service to. Therefore having short root-cause detection and solutions cycles across client’s needs

Teamwork / Active Collaborative Acumen of our Team: our specialists / domain experts possess knowledge about the importance of active collaboration with in-house subject–matter-experts as soon as the project charter is signed. It is one of the secrets of our high solution adoption rate, post vendor exit from client’s business locations.

Personal Discipline: we understand the need to do the right things with the right resources at the right times – during the project delivery cycle. While we encourage fun-filled project environments, our members delight stakeholders with our rate of delivery on tasks assigned, with high level accuracy.

Quality Circles: our team members are trained to build effective quality control and assurance within all projects that we handle for clients. We understand that one of the ways to reduce wastes and assure desirability of client’s outputs above the competition, is reduced production defects and speedy resolution of customer’s complaints or faults

Suggestions for Improvement: we engage in complementary business process analysis and re-engineering evaluation services bi-annually with our premium clients. Here we jointly evaluate components of their businesses that contribute to services / products – seeking ways to reduce production cycle time and quality of outputs at lowest possible cost.

We believe your firm will do better and compete effectively across boundaries – click https://btkaizen.com/contact/ to Contact Us.

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