Revenue Assurance & Risk


Our team of experts collaborates with client’s to apply relevant industry frameworks, processes or software solutions, which enables client firms (e.g. communications service providers) to accurately capture revenue for all services rendered to their customers. We also assist in reviewing of systems and records that are associated with client’s revenue streams in order to ensure billable services are correctly recorded and reported. Furthermore, we support their risk management efforts (i.e. identification of potential risks in advance, analyzing them – enlightening the client to take precautionary steps to reduce/curb the risk). This sets our clients apart from others as their survival ratings and stakeholder goodwill soars in their industry. Our RA&R partners support clients that desire attainment of some or all of the following:

Verification of completion of end-to-end core operational processes their accuracy / data integrity (e.g. billing, record management, collections, account receivables etc.), assessment of internal vs external application interfacing to decide change, improvement or upgrade, identification / elimination of business risk, management of customer risk, competition agility risk, process defects etc.