Business Transformation Professional Advisory Support Services (BTPASS) is the Management Consulting arm of Business Transformation Limited. It is an entity saddled with the responsibility of partnering with organizations to ensure continuous improvement of their going-concerns. Our firm progressively collaborate with her stakeholders to assess practices across business units for operational excellence thereby optimizing returns for stakeholders across metrics that matter to them. We focus our efforts on Strategy Consulting (for new & existing businesses), Technology Solutions and Outsourcing Services, among others. Our affinity for quality service delivery on the African continent by businesses led by Africans remains the thrust of our engagements since we launched the entity.

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Our Vision
Your Go-To entity for seamless business development, growth, improvement and change management interventions.

Our Mission
To progressively collaborate with our stakeholders in fulfillment of their requirements, for optimal return on investment, resilience and business continuity.

Our Core Values – KAIZEN

  • Knowledge
  • Accountability
  • Innovation
  • Zeal
  • Engaged Collaboration
  • Nobility
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Our strong belief in the opportunities being created by AfCFTA currently drives our engagements across Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Private and Public) across our target markets. We systematically deploy tested frameworks and innovative solutions for assured growth of our clients’ operations – positioning them for high-level competitiveness, in the global markets.
Having codenamed ourselves BTKaizen (i.e. Business Transformation Professional Advisory Support Services – a firm saddled with continuous improvement needs of her clients). We strategically position our support machineries to support new businesses and existing ones, in order to introduce them to time tested tools, techniques, frameworks and global best practices. Having being in service since October 25th 2011, serving the continuous improvement needs of various indigenous and multinational firms within Nigeria, Africa and the Middle-East.

It remains our utmost delight to serve your business set-up, growth / expansion, optimization, automation, digitization, catalization and continuous improvement needs across our target markets and the global community in general. Our experiential acumen is channeled to quality management system, waste reduction, document management, risk assessment / mitigation, profitability enhancement, digitization, automation and allied business continuity needs.

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Our strategic alignment with world-class professional institutes such as the American Society for Quality, International Organization for Standardization, Institute of Management Consultants, TM Forum, Project Management Institute, Nigerian Communications Commission, National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, Customer 1st International, Association of Business Practitioners, International Association for Six Sigma Certification, Global Revenue Assurance Professionals Association etc. It remains our utmost delight to serve you as your firm strategize for her next levels of attainments.


Our Partners are professionals with experiences not just in consulting but in various sectors and also in the business ecosystem